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Rapid Handrail

double speed escalator handrail on one side
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On the long escalators on the London Underground there are polite signs requesting that travellers keep to the right when ascending or descending, to allow those in a hurry to sprint by unimpeded on the left hand side.

This usually works quite well, but there will always be the odd person who insists on blocking the left hand lane. I therefore propose that the handrail on the left hand side travels at twice the speed to that of the one on the right. I'm sure the reasoning is obvious without further explanation.

xenzag, Dec 13 2008

blurgh, thumbnail handrail malf http://www.japantod...ra-station-in-tokyo
[not_morrison_rm, Aug 20 2013]


       //I'm sure the reasoning is obvious without further explanation.// To cause //the odd person[s]// to fall down the escalator, knocking over other travelers like ninepins? []
sninctown, Dec 13 2008

       Perhaps a little faster would be good - but not double speed - double speed would probably knock people off their feet.
dannystaple, Dec 13 2008

       ".....the reasoning is obvious without further explanation." Obviously not quite.
There is no desire to injure anyone... just make those who try to remain in the "fast" lane feel insecure as the hand rail advances away from them at double speed. By contrast, those who are in a hurry will experience a handrail that actually matches their speed of ascent or descent.
xenzag, Dec 14 2008

       The handrails on the Moscow Metro seem to do this randomly all on their own
oneoffdave, Dec 14 2008

       That's because they're always Russian about.
xenzag, Dec 14 2008

       I just like handrails that surprise..
po, Dec 14 2008

       Passing on the left? Surely the right would be more logical in London (like what would occur on UK roads).
Texticle, Dec 16 2008

       (+) but...this would take all the fun out of getting to the top using only the rails.   

       [+] what about those who like to run up against the down-going escalator. Shouldn't they get a handrail too?
pashute, Aug 20 2013

       That's Rapid Downrail... I actually got invited onto the BBC's Genius programme for this idea, but couldn't attend the recording session :-(
xenzag, Aug 20 2013

       //odd person who insists on blocking the left hand lane   

       I did mention this once to someone on the tube escalator and the lady waved her empty right sleeve at me. Truly a wishing the ground would swallow me up moment.   

       Well, the obvious solution is for all people who free strongly enough about it to move to Tokyo, where people stand on the left anyway.   

       For a spot of variety, or just to spite yourself, you can nip down to Osaka, where they stand on the right.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 20 2013

       [+] Perhaps it could be painted a startling color to keep elders and little people away
the porpoise, Aug 20 2013

       an accident waiting to happen.
po, Sep 27 2019

       Surely the solution is for _all_ escalators to run at double speed? At the moment, they run at a speed that enables the lame and the halt to use them easily. This is madness. Run the escalators at a more challenging speed. If you're not sprinting as you enter and leave, you need to up your game.   

       There is also a safety benefit in running the escalators at high speed. At the moment, if anyone trips and falls as they exit the escalator, they can cause a multi-person pileup with many casualties. If the escalator is running fast enough, this will be avoided because the faller will simply be thrown a safe distance away.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 27 2019


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