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Rapid Protosnacking

Combine rapid prototyping and chocolate for instant wins
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Take a rapid prototyping machine, such as direct metal deposition or stereo lithography. Instead of building 3d objects one layer at a time with plastic or metal. Build 3d objects with chocolate, frosting and various candies.

I figure you would have the equivalent of a hot glue gun that melts chocolate and applies it one layer at a time, you could have hopper of different blends of chocolate or caramel to get some extra treats.

Now imagine a birthday cake with an edible chocolate version of you, or a chocolate figure of a childs favorite cartoon character. Once the capital cost of the machine is taken care of individual creations would be relatively cheap to make and done in minutess

metarinka, Oct 09 2010

Fused deposition modeling http://en.wikipedia...Deposition_Modeling
exact same process but with plastic [metarinka, Oct 09 2010]

Edible Photo Cake Frosting http://www.clm3d.co...ideas_site_map.html
Could be done layer by layer? [csea, Oct 09 2010]

Inkjet-Nutella Chocolate printing [xenzag, Oct 09 2010]

The_20Delicious_20S...ot_20of_20Liquorice another of my food printers.... I have more, but not posted here. [xenzag, Oct 09 2010]

candyfab.org http://www.candyfab.org/
3D sugar [pocmloc, Oct 09 2010]


       This is what is technically known as A Very Good Idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2010

       How long has this technology been wasted on plastic?!?
Boomershine, Oct 09 2010

       + Reminds me of the 2D version which has been around for at least a decade. [link]
csea, Oct 09 2010

       You could also use white chocolate then a manifold that delivers various amounts of food coloring to create a colored model.   

       You can basically do all this with off the shelf rapid prototyping hardware
metarinka, Oct 09 2010

       Yeah, but who wants to do something basically?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2010

       Famous last words:   

       "I'd like to show you my prototype. I left it in the lunch room. It's made of 50 lbs of dark chocolate. "
popbottle, Sep 02 2013

       So wait, this idea was posted in 2010 and I can't buy a chocolate 3d printer yet? Where's the Kickstarter?
DIYMatt, Sep 02 2013


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