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Raster pen

Instant talent!
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This requires a pen like the 'flytop', but modified to add a camera, and also have the computer control the release of ink.

First, select a picture to be drawn is by pointing the camera lens at a suitable photo.

Next, scribble with the pen to draw lots of diagonal lines over the paper...

The pen controls when to release the ink in order to create a sketch type drawing, similar to the processing done to a photograph by the Photoshop sketch filter.

gtoal, Feb 10 2006

'flytop' pen http://www.flypentop.com/
[Ling, Feb 10 2006]

Handheld inkjet print gun http://www.youtube....ure=player_embedded
[xaviergisz, Jun 05 2011]

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       I'm stickin' wid my Rasta pen, mon.
DrCurry, Feb 10 2006

       Sort of a ultra-portable printer. If a black ink cartridge was used, with built in nozzles (like on an Epson inkjet), and some kind of position measurement, it could work like those hand-held scanners but in reverse.
Ling, Feb 10 2006

       [ling] That link's brilliant! - I want one.
Dub, Feb 11 2006

       shown in the movie "I, Robot", so this may be a "WIBNITTISIAMWR" or whatever.
sninctown, Feb 11 2006

       In the film "I robot" it was the robot doing the work rather than the pen.
fridge duck, Feb 11 2006

       Nice link, [ling]. That is very cool.
moomintroll, Feb 11 2006

       Hey, [gtoal] should get all the credit: I just did a search on his first sentence.
Ling, Feb 12 2006

       Don't worry. He got my bun too.
Dub, Feb 12 2006


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