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ReadyWall for Apartments

Customize walls in rental space without painting and overpainting
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Nearly everybody has lived in an apartment, dorm room, or rental house. Sometimes they don't want you to paint; other times you have to pick a muted color so that it can be restored to white with one coat of paint. You get stuck looking at bad spackle jobs over former renters' wall hangings.

With ReadyWall, the top and bottom moldings would be able to be pulled out and pushed back in place. They would hold strips of floor-to-ceiling color panels (like thick wallpaper), as they will not be adhered on permanently. A light adhesive, similar to PostIt(R) strips, would be on the ends. Place the paper and push in the moldings, which will hold the material taut in place. Solid and pattern colors, and entire color schemes, would be available.

To redecorate, or when a tenant moves out, the paper can be replaced quickly and without--dropcloths, paint fumes, and brush marks. And any marks left by wall hangings would be covered by the next papering.

kilroyscarnival, Aug 28 2003

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       // bad spackle jobs over former renters' wall hangings //   

       I've heard stories of people using toothpaste to "spackle" holes up.

Of course, everyone knows that Preparation H is the correct compound to use...
DeathNinja, Aug 28 2003

       Clever, and practical. Welcome to the bakery.
krelnik, Aug 28 2003

       Sounds convenient. +
Pseudonym #3, Aug 28 2003

       What is spackle/spackling ?
chud, Aug 28 2003

       <Steven Wright>"I went to the hardware store and bought some used paint. It came in the shape of a house."</Steven Wright>
jivetalkinrobot, Aug 29 2003

       Very practical and desirable product. Here's a bun. +
k_sra, Aug 29 2003

       Thanks! I stumbled upon the site accidentally yesterday (looking for printer-ready lapel stickers and I landed in the bumper sticker section) and I couldn't resist. Of course, it wouldn't exactly be environmentally friendly with all that paper probably being unrecyclable (thinking semi-gloss) and I can't even envision exactly how the molding would slide in and out. :)
kilroyscarnival, Aug 29 2003

       + Good idea-light adhesive for easy removal. Still would have to cut around windows, doors. Wouldn't you need to stick more than just the ends to keep it flat against wall?
flypaper, Aug 29 2003

       If you sold it on rolls (maybe 3 to 6 ft widths) you could coat the entire wall-facing surface with low-stick adhesive. Possible alignment problems? New career opportunity for trained ReadyWall installers!
gardnertoo, Aug 29 2003

       flypaper: yup, good point, you'd have to have thin strip molding around doorframes and windows to tack it down, plus some double-sided adhesive strips. Behind switchplates you could just trim.
kilroyscarnival, Sep 05 2003


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