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Real-time TV Ratings

Why should TV be a one-way medium?
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Instead of imprecise TV ratings based on surveys or sample audiences, we should have real-time TV ratings.

All TV sets should be equipped with a rating device for the viewer to rate the program currently being watched. The TV will then beam/send/relay the information back to the broadcaster or station, where a software will accumulate the data.

The current average rating of each program will then be shown 'live' at the bottom of the screem. This number will vary throughout each program.

This information will be useful for viewers to decide whether to watch a program, for advertisers to decide whether to advertise, and for program planners to decide what programs to show.

baboo, Apr 02 2002


       What's in it for me?
phoenix, Apr 02 2002

       How will my knowing how many people enjoy a certain TV program help me to decide whether I will enjoy it?
angel, Apr 02 2002

       I think it would be fun to have what they had on West Wing a few weeks ago. They had peopel with ratings dials watching the State of the Union speech. Along the bottom of the screen, you could see in real time how their average ratings fluctuated during the speech. It was pretty cool. It would be fun to have a similar thing in real life. Though optional, of course. There are times when I just don't care what other people think...
rebekkahshiri, Apr 07 2002

       Hey look at that, a fishbone. In real time too.
mcscotland, Apr 07 2002

       I don't like what most people think. Most people watched Big Brother, which, unfourtunatly for us, has started again in Australia.
QuadAlpha, Apr 08 2002

       [rebbekashiri]: the real-time feedback 'dials' are standard media focus-group fare. Often used for commercials, tv pilots, and all manner of other stuff.
bristolz, Apr 08 2002


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