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Reality Show Triathlon

Combine best aspects of different types of reality shows
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You start with a premise similar to "Survivor": the contestants must work together to establish themselves in an inhospitable environment, preferably in close proximity to large carnivores.

But to make it to the next round, instead of competing in a battle of physical prowess, they have to sing in front of the judges from "American Idol."

"Your voice is terrible. It sounds like you haven't eaten in days and your throat is infested with parasites."

"It is."

The contestants are told that the winner will marry a millionaire, but in truth they have to marry Simon from "Idol" (whether male or female).

kevindimie, Feb 14 2003

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       love it. i truly believe that any person who applies to take part in a reality tv show should be banned from having children.
sambwiches, Feb 14 2003

       For symmetry both forward and reverse, it seems like the marriage should take place in an inhospitable environment. The presiding minister would be a basking shark.
bungston, Mar 09 2003

       sounds sexy
technocow, Mar 24 2003


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