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Rear ended auto accident prevention

design to prevent pileups
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Simple - every car must be designed with its back end designed like a ramp, with guard rails at the side. Instead of smashing into the back of the car in front of you, you are forced up the ramp and onto the roof of the car in front of you. The roofs are designed to handle the load.

If the hit is a little off to one side, there are guides that force the car into the centre. In addition, once on the ramp, there are guides/ flanges on both the front of your car, and the ramp of the car in front of you to prevent you from doing an Evel Kineivel style jump.

Now, if YOU hit the car in front hard enough, you may drive HIM ontot the car in front of him, leading to a multi-piggyback type situation, but hey, nothing is perfect

marquisdenet, Jun 30 2009

This idea will reduce the need for your idea by 66% Range_2fSpeed-Diffe...de_20View_20Mirrors
[normzone, Jun 30 2009]

Baked (not really) - 2CV http://www.slowcarc...rachel-2cv-rear.jpg
Back end designed like a ramp. [spidermother, Jul 01 2009]


WcW, Jul 01 2009

       sp: Evil Kinetical
lurch, Jul 01 2009

       Ever watch robot wars?
jutta, Jul 01 2009

       The rule should be: if another car drives onto your roof and gets stuck there, it now belongs to you.
ldischler, Jul 01 2009

       so the best theoretical design would be a car consisting of a front ramp and a rear ramp possibly connected by a convenient parking area on top. For consistency's sake the front ramp should be twice as long (half the angle) as the rear ramp (front-end collisions are faster).
FlyingToaster, Jul 01 2009

       So, as the motorcyclist comes to a halt, the myopic driver behind slams on his brakes and just manages to avoid rear ending the bike. Just as the rider is looking back and thinking 'gosh' (or possibly something a little stronger) another myopic driver piles into the rear of the first and is sent over the top to land on the unfortunate individual.   

       Big smelly bone for this one!
Twizz, Jul 01 2009

       // leading to a multi-piggyback type situation// - sounds like fun, *but* - I thought this idea was //to prevent pileups// ;)
lurch, Jul 01 2009

       So now my car's roof needs to be able to handle the weight of another vehicle on top of it?
RayfordSteele, Jul 01 2009


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