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Receipt Smart Card

A smart card that consumers can store electronic receipts on.
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I'm sick of the little paper cash register receipts that you get when you shop.. I need to keep most of them for tax reasons.

What would be really neat is a little "smart card" that I carry around.. Whenever I pay for something I hand over my card and an electronic receipt is stored on my card.. no paper receipt would be provided.

Every few weeks I would download the contents of the smart card to my PC and empty the card ready for storing another batch of receipts.

The receipts would be digitally signed somehow.

If I ever needed a receipt to claim a refund or exchange or something I would be able to transfer that particular receipt back onto my smart card from my PC and the retailer could retrieve the receipt for verification prior to issuing a refund.

duncan_m, Mar 06 2008

Receipt Credit Card Receipt_20Credit_20Card
"...so you won't need to carry around a pocket full of paper reciepts..." [phoenix, Mar 06 2008]

Electronic Receipt card Electronic_20Receipt_20card
"Electronic card that would show store records of all receipts." [phoenix, Mar 06 2008]


       Some retailers will do that with their customer cards. The receipt isn't on the card, but the retailer can retrieve the receipt given the customer number and date of purchase.
supercat, Mar 06 2008

       I should have searched first.. looks like its been suggested before.. under "Electronic Receipt Card"..   


duncan_m, Mar 06 2008


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