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Recreational Drug Prescription System

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A possible way to make legalisation more acceptable to the general public is if we adopt a similar system to pharmacy store scripts (The doctor to the pharmacist).

Which means to be able to get recreational drugs, you need to get a appointment with a recreational drug advisor. (As for how frequent, that’s a question best asked to a doctor.)

The advisor is a registered expert that does not need to be trained to a doctor level, but is there to simply keep track of the changes to your body and mind due to these drugs. They can then authorise you to take a certain safe amount. Or direct you to a doctor upon bad effects.

With the scrip, you can head to your local recreational drug store for any drugs categories that your advisor allows for.

- Pro: More jobs. Some oversight. Less strain on medical system

- Cons: Doctors have better expertise on health effects of drugs.

You can then say this will create new job categories

Implementation Variations:

- Full: You cannot access drugs at all unless you get advisor authorisation.

- Partial: You can buy very small amount, but for more you need authorisation.

- Psudo: You can buy any amount, but without authorisation the government will excessively tax the drug.

mofosyne, Jan 09 2018

Idea first thought up here https://discuss.pir.../1716/11?u=mofosyne
[mofosyne, Jan 09 2018]


       Hmm, while I get the gist of the idea, and find the concept of becoming a recreational drug advisor both appealing and fanciful, I can't help feeling that in reality, these folks are going to find themselves under a great deal of pressure. One fatal road accident, overdose or bad-trip, and these folks are going to get their arses sued to Haight-Ashbury and back. There needs to be some waiver the patient signs absolving their advisor of any responsibility for their actions, but that kind of removes the point of the advisor in the first place.   

       Perhaps a better model is some kind of clergy-member.   

       You go to a non-government religious building, and book a consultation with your Shaman, who absolves you of your sin, and for some appropriate donation, is legally sanctioned to provide a dose of your preferred spiritual/recreational content. Since the advice being offered is of a spiritual nature, nobody can later claim negligence or malpractice, unless the priest misuses their position in ways more traditionally associated with becassocked clerics.
zen_tom, Jan 09 2018

       It seems to me that the words "prescription" and "recreational" are mutually incompatible. Drugs are already either "over-the-counter" or "prescription", and I'm not seeing much difference between "recreational" and "over-the-counter" in terms of access.   

       Besides, it is historical fact that in England, for a long time (not sure about the present), access to heroin was via prescription, and addicts could get those prescriptions fairly easily. This is not really a new Idea, therefore; you are just applying the Idea to more types of drugs.
Vernon, Jan 09 2018

       I think they should develop recreational drugs that make people live longer and be smarter. I read diabetics on metformin outlive well humans 15%, and that it makes lab mammals live 3-36% longer. Just link the metformin molecule to a variety of existing drugs to make a cancer preventing longevizing get high variation. Also the peptide AEDG causes greater longevity; link that to drugs for benefit.   

       Making all recreational drugs legal, with the ones that cause better mental functioning and greater longevity favored will cause their development.
beanangel, Jan 09 2018

       Make all drugs legal. Totally agree. Only criminals want to keep drugs illegal.
xenzag, Jan 09 2018

       I'm disappointed. I was expecting a proposal to allow people to prescribe drugs, as a recreational experience. "Hey, let's try him on duloxetine, antihistamines and laxatives and see what happens!"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 09 2018

       The sun is a noun that looks like a verb.
beanangel, Jan 10 2018

       Max, we already do that here.
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2018


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