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Rectangular Frying Pan

So you can utilise two gas rings with one pan
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Often when I'm cooking I find myself trying to use three or four round frying pans on the four gas rings of my cooker.

It sounds simple enough, but the heat is not always under the centre of the pans (as I would like) due to differences in sizes and the positional consequences therein.

Generally, there's one large pan, and two or three smaller pans jostling for the remaining space atop the cooker.

Square frying pans certainly exist, and so, to an extent, do rectangular ones (see link). But nothing I have seen is the approximate size and shape of, uh... half a cooker. From above. Sorry, can't think how else to describe it.

Anyway, it would sit over two gas rings at the same time, be they front & back or left & right.

Two square frying pans (or another rectangular one) could compliment the arrangement, thus maximising heated surface area.

A nice touch would be to have a removable divider whos ends slotted into two of many grooves along the sides of the pan, allowing for two variable partitions when required.

I can't believe this doesn't already exist. Or maybe I'm the only person on the planet who wants one.

This idea was brought to you by Dullbut Handy Ltd.

jtp, Mar 16 2008

The nearest thing I could find http://www.aladdins....co.uk/PomAug07.htm
[jtp, Mar 16 2008]

Two burner griddles http://www.apptrav....-iron-cookware.html
About half-way down the page. Search for "2 Burner Reversible". [phoenix, Mar 16 2008]

Another two-burner griddle http://www.crateand...y.aspx?c=489&f=6329
[phoenix, Mar 16 2008]

Tamago-yaki pan http://www.amazon.c...atula/dp/B000WJSP9C
Dullbutt Handy should get out more [ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 16 2008]


       It's called a griddle, no?
phoenix, Mar 16 2008

       As I understand it, griddles have ridges on the base. Frying pans are smooth. Also, frying pans have sides. You couldn't make a sauce on a griddle.
jtp, Mar 16 2008

       Other then an obvious colder area in the middle of the pan between the two burners, it would be handy for making brekfast when hashbrowns, eggs, and ham/sausage/bacon all in the same pan.
Giblet, Mar 16 2008

       "As I understand it, griddles have ridges on the base. Frying pans are smooth. Also, frying pans have sides. You couldn't make a sauce on a griddle."
The one's I linked to are reversable and have smooth bottoms. They also have sides, albeit low ones.
It's true griddles aren't generally built for saucemaking, but I can make a mean sausage gravy to go with your biscuits.
phoenix, Mar 16 2008

       My stove has a large griddle burner which, although it only has one burner under it, is twice the size of a standard burner. I have a smooth plate and a ridged plate for it. Of course, fish kettles are generally double-sized (as are fish).
angel, Mar 16 2008


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