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Recursive Loading Bars

Another Bad Idea
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Loading bars that are so complex that they themselves require loading bars.

i.e. first loading bar is the standard rectangle, it displays the status of the second loading bar, say a fractal render. The fractal loading bar displays the status of the third loading bar, say a 3D render of tree beard from lord of the rings and so on ad infinitum.

bleh, Jun 19 2007


       This has been unintentionally baked by a number of very poorly designed websites.
nuclear hobo, Jun 19 2007

       //a 3D render of tree beard//   





       ... Don't be hasty!
pertinax, Jun 19 2007

       Do the statues of the second loading bar live on your desk?
wagster, Jun 19 2007

       spelling fixed, thanks.
bleh, Jun 19 2007

       //The patterns of fractal breakdown could be recorded for later use e.g. run once during testing and the customer sees one uniform speed progress bar.//   

       This idea is for several loading bars that do not progress at uniform speed.   

       //... Don't be hasty!//   

       I agree, I probably jumped the 3D render a little quick. I didnt want to type out the hundreds of loading bars that could potentially fall in between.
bleh, Jun 19 2007

       I might be misusing 'recursive'. I'm talking about several independant loading bars, each taking different form, with bar x's loading status being displayed by bar(x-1) which is of a different and less complex form. Prior to bar(x-1)'s display its status was displayed by an even less complex bar(x-2).   

       i.e. useless application is opened:   

       bar 1 (a simple rectangle status bar) is displayed and quickly loads while the computer processes bar 2.   

       Bar 2 loads (a complex picture) while the computer processes bar 3.   

       Bar 3 loads (a realtime chaotic branching) while the computer processes bar 4...   

       and so on ad infintium.   

       I tend to loose votes after i explain myself, so if you change your vote, please tell me what you thought this was so i can learn from your interpretation. thanks.
bleh, Jun 19 2007

       I guess an easier way to put it is the computer renders increasingly complex images to use as the image background for the following loading bar.   

       Is iterative the word i'm looking for instead of recursive?
bleh, Jun 19 2007

       //i.e. useless application is opened//   

       Then compounded by endless useless loading bars. I'd rather waste my time on the halfbakery. [-]
nuclear hobo, Jun 20 2007

       Doesn't the placement in ":unwanted feature" negate it being something you don't want as a reason to bone?
bleh, Jun 20 2007

       I'd bone the category if I could. You said it yourself: "Another bad Idea"
nuclear hobo, Jun 20 2007

       Every time I look at this title I imagine looking in the back of a Mercedes Sprinter and seeing two 2" sprung loadbars mounted widthways, with smaller 1" loadbars mounted lengthways between the big ones. Between the 1" loadbars are 0.5" loadbars mounted widthways...
wagster, Jun 20 2007


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