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Recycling stapler

Order now, and recieve a limited edition scale model Aluminellenium Falcon!
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Step one: Cut both ends off of any tin or alumin(i)um can, (smaller cans work best although larger cans can be run through the attached length-cutter/hand crank roller).
Step two: Feed the open ended cylinder under the staplers' guide bar, clamp firmly, and align stack of papers as per normal.
Step three: Slam palm down on the ergonomically padded grip. This cuts, bends, slides, advances can and inserts one perfect recycled tin staple into your sheaf. Adjust dial for longer or shorter staples.

Step four: Reuse perforated tin cylinder as a decorative candle shade for further future frugality.


~Martha Stewart approved~


       Halfbake approved. Ka-CHUNK!
Alterother, May 30 2012

       You'd almost certainly need different dies for different can materials, but that's all do-able. I love this idea,
Custardguts, May 30 2012

       Now I'm not sure whether or not to post my idea about making tin cans out of recycled staples. <goes off humming the Circle of Life song from the Lion King>
AusCan531, May 30 2012

       I like this...but I'm not sure about Martha! +
xandram, Jun 01 2012

       Excellent 2 fries! The metal on those cans is probably not up to the job, but we can persuade them to use a heavier grade once this is in production.
xenzag, Jun 01 2012

       // The metal on those cans is probably not up to the job //   

       Why wouldn't it be? Steel and aluminum cans are pretty high-quality material. I know of a blacksmith who has a small foundry, and he routinely tosses steel cans into his furnace. With a scoopful of manganese and a dash of graphite, he produces decent tool steel.
Alterother, Jun 01 2012


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