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re-cycle old staples

a device to do just that ...
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save up your used staples by feeding them into the hopper of this hand-held device and they will stack up neatly as they fall.

When the hopper is full, a smart smack on the other end will glue, bend and deliver a row of shiny new staples ready for use.

po, Nov 17 2010

Another way. http://www.google.c...wBA&biw=994&bih=768
[mouseposture, Nov 17 2010]

Here's a way to get more use out of them A_20staple_20form_20of_20memory
[normzone, Nov 17 2010]


       Used staples suffer from metal fatigue, so I'm not sure they can be reused. To recycle the metal, your device would have to contain a mini-forge and something to roll out the molten metal into a sheet and then press staples out of it.
hippo, Nov 17 2010

       [+] I would give it a go! Oftentimes staples just fall out and are not even bent. I also use them for putting up bulletin boards, so those don't bend like putting them into paper. [hippo] is right about staples that have been totally bent in half.
xandram, Nov 17 2010

       //a mini-forge and something to roll out the molten metal into a sheet and then press staples out of it// [+]   

       More seriously: staples aren't manufactured to such precise tolerances that they're guaranteed to fail after exactly one use. Some will fail after 2, some after 3, & so on. If the device can recognize & discard failures, and if the stapler can tolerate occasional failures (which, obviously, it can and does) then metal fatigue should be no problem.   

       Or you can recycle staples this way: <link>
mouseposture, Nov 17 2010

       I like this as an emblem for laborious and ultimately pointless recycling efforts - like capturing shower water in a basin as the shower warms up and bringing it outside to water plants.
bungston, Nov 17 2010

       At least that gives the second assistant under-gardener something to do on cold mornings.
8th of 7, Nov 17 2010

       Not on my estate. She has to warm up the second assistant gardener.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2010

       would that be you by any chance?
po, Nov 18 2010

       If he doesn't answer, try a smart smack on the other end.
pertinax, Nov 23 2010


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