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Redesigned CPU

Plugs in the front
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CPU's should have all their plug-in places (ports, holes, etc.) on the front, or on the side close to the front. This way you just look down and move or fix things. You don't have to move the CPU, which is crowded up against many other things, to look at the back of it in the dark, among the dust bunnies and cords.
dustzephyr, Mar 29 2009


       Surely this belongs in the computer category. And by the way, that's not a CPU, the CPU is a microchip inside what you call the CPU. You mean the tower or chassis.   

       Anyway, this has been done. It's a mess.
Spacecoyote, Mar 29 2009

       as noted, you probably mean "computer"... good idea for desktops; for floor-mounted towers it's a pain no matter where things plug in. You'd still want a cover or it would look like crap and bear in mind that not only would the case probably need to be a bit deeper, but if you have an adapter (say a DVI to VGA) it might not fit... [+] though
FlyingToaster, Mar 29 2009

       I work with an outfit that makes computers for the military, and we deliver pretty much anything they want. Configurations such as this are not unusual.
normzone, Mar 29 2009


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