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Refrigeration Tent

In two sizes, small and large
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You can't afford a large air conditioning unit or the one you can afford is so crapolicious that you may as well take hits off of it to keep cool. This product will give that budget a little help.

The larger model, is a tent in which you can fit your bed (mattress, air mattress, cot, etc.) and shelf for the TV. The air conditioning unit has a fitted opening for it in the tent that adjusts to different size units and also comes with an adjustable size pipe with plastic expanse so you can keep the AC unit on the floor and run the exhaust to the window instead. The AC tent opening also leaves room for as many electric cords that you want to use since it is adjustable. Being a breathable tent some leakage will occur but it will raise the efficiency of your unit. Large size, 240 cubic feet, any AC unit will be considered a powerhouse.

Smaller size, is a tent in which you can fit a sleeping bag or mini cot. Straps onto a mini fridge. (Mini fridge is cheaper to buy because college seniors are always looking to get rid of their mini fridges.) Less adjusting, close door and turn off fan when you no longer need cold air. Keeping freezer packs helps the efficiency. Designed for 84 cubic feet.

sartep, Jul 25 2003


       Fog, I was actually thinking along the lines of one of my other tent ideas along with my actual working AC unit. I know it's working, because the fool thing is loud.   

       C Trebor, I'm talking about a simple idea that is affordable or makes your existing idea more effective.
sartep, Jul 26 2003

       I don't know exactly where I read it but it is the same thing, but completly different: I live in Sweden and during winters it can be very cold. If you have a longer powerout during winter, then you will loose your indoor temperature quite quickly.   

       These days we rely quite heavily on electric heating, and many houses and apartments do not have oilheaters or fireplaces.   

       So, rather than freezing your ass of, rise a tent indoor so you have a much smaller volume of air to heat up with your body and candles.
noss, Jul 26 2003

       C Trebor, the size of the tent you are talking about is way larger, it's material is different, the AC unit is waaaaaayy more powerful (because the temperature you are talking about is 0º C,) and it's Waaaaayyy*10^4 more expensive.   

       My idea is much more cost effective. Let me translate the link you sent me for you. The cost of the unit you are talking about is (according to your link) 65k US dollars or 50,000 CHF.   

       If you wanna sleep in a multi- thousand dollar freezer, then be my guest but don't say that I told you to do it. My idea is the warmer region of what Noss was talking about.
sartep, Jul 27 2003

       I have to say, I fell for that line "chill out" hook line and sinker, perhaps 'cause its really hot here and I wish that AC unit of mine would really work.   

       Actually, if I had the monitary funds I would totally love one of the tents that you linked to. And a couple of those microprosessor bakers too.
sartep, Jul 27 2003


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