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Relics snowglobes

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Somewhere deep underground...a creaky door opens....shuffling of feet, hacking cough from tour guide as he puffs on the hand rollie


and over here..we have the very snowglobe which John the Baptist was too busy playing with, and miffed Salome.

This cabinet is rumoured to contain all the snowglobes of Solomon, as you can see the really small ones are the ones he played with as a child leading up to the foundation of the temple, and here is one shard, with a tiny of snow on it, rumoured to be from one of the crowning snowglobes from the temple.

In this case, we have one of Buddha's earliest snowglobes...as you can see it is completely empty, reminding us that all earthly stuff is illusory, especially Windows 8.


Ok, I'll stop doing snowglobes, if you stop doing snowglobes.

not_morrison_rm, Dec 30 2013




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