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Remote Directional Fan

Fan that can be aimed via remote.
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It is relatively cheap to buy a remote control fan. They exist and are nice. However, they generally only allow the user to control fan speed and maybe add a few features like sleep mode and breeze mode.

However, depending on the environment it is used in, users of such fans frequently are forced to actually control the fan by hand rather than by remote in order to do things like activate the oscillation mechanism (causing the fan to move left and right) or aim it. I propose a fan that never needs to be adjusted by hand unless you need to actually move the fan itself:

-Height controlled via remote using pneumatics. -Rotation adjustable for full 360 degree lateral motion and for 45 degrees or so vertical motion. -Speed controls, sleep mode, breeze mode controllable via remote.

We already have the technology to produce such a fan so it'd be nice if someone would do so.

aguydude, Jun 06 2007

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       I think servo motors or screw jacks would be a better choice than pneumatics.   

       EDIT: make that stepper motors.
Texticle, Jun 06 2007

       What I envisioned from your title was a fan that "followed" a person around the room, always pointing at them, perhaps because they were carrying a small infrared dongle that the fan points toward. A (+) for me.   

       I have a fan that is remote-controlled, and I can adjust the rotation, speed, sleep, and breeze mode via remote. It doesn't have height adjustment.
awesomest, Jun 06 2007

       I must have the same fan that danielo has. Its never fallen short for me. I can do most everything you list except i dont get a full 360 deg. (its against a wall so thats not a problem) and i dont get height adjustment (it points at my bed, so also not a problem) and i dont get 45 deg up and down adjustment (tower fan, so also not a problem). not a bad idea though.
bleh, Jun 06 2007

       We were going to post "Mona Lisa Fan" ("The breeze follows you around the room"), and then we found this .... BAH !
8th of 7, Sep 04 2010

       //Mona Lisa Fan// that would be more realized by "Heat Seeking Fan" also in this category.
FlyingToaster, Sep 05 2010


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