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oscillating table fan complete with mini buckets.

for a more favourable breeze
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keep cool this summer with this 18” oscillating table fan (with mini buckets attached to the end of each stainless steel rotor blade by a secure metal link)

with three fan speeds ( 1. fast, 2. very fast, 3. centrifugally favourable ) with easy to use push button controls; this fan is ideal for the office, living room or bedroom & giving a smooth flowing consistent oscillation for great cooling damp air circulation. other features include a childproof mesh safety grill, absorbent base mat and whisper quiet operation.

technical details:

fill the buckets, as they approach the lowest point of their revolution, from a jug using cold tap water while the fan is operating at the highest level but with the oscillation temporarily disabled. pour the water slowly and steadily to the recommended level ( as marked with a line near the rim on each bucket ) for the best effect.

allow the fan to run continuously until all the water is evaporated before switching off.

failure to comply with these instruction can lead to a wet operator.

po, Jul 26 2006

temp smitten http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Gnarls_Barkley
[po, Jul 26 2006]

Nel Cimitero Di Tucson http://odeo.com/audio/1453107/view
What they borrowed [Dub, Jul 27 2006]


       You should have called this the trailer park humidifier. Only, in my trailer park we just used a bucket of water in front of the fan.
fredberg, Jul 26 2006

       yeah, I thought of that but its hardly exciting...   

       you know something? the first guy that excited me was called fred. its been all downhill since then...   

       btw thats my + I'm bored with this already.
po, Jul 26 2006

       Well, I would take one with little hand painted buckets, each filled alternately with lavender and rose water, and an optional music box attachment. +
xandram, Jul 26 2006

       xandram - tell me you love gnarls barclay and we are soul mates...
po, Jul 26 2006

       [po] I can't tell you that...   

       I don't know who it is. Can we still be friends?
xandram, Jul 26 2006

       no one likes me - skulks off to eat worms....
xenzag, Jul 26 2006

       <said with adoration> I like you, [xenzag].<swa>   

       pause a beat...   

       [xenzag] replies, "No one good likes me."
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 27 2006

       [xenxag] pull yourself together - what have those poor worms ever done to you?
zen_tom, Jul 27 2006

       well, I guess I am uncool, but I will listen soon...
xandram, Jul 27 2006

       Well I've never met a po so I'm guessing it wasn't actually me.
fredberg, Jul 27 2006

       Hey [Dub] thanks for the link. The best thing in the world to me, is getting turned on to music that I've never heard before. Pretty cool!   

       (also, going somewhere I've never been before)   

       [po] I'll be listening to gnarls next!
xandram, Jul 28 2006


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