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Remote Maker space

Minecratft made real
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[2fries] was saying that a large space was sitting waiting for a purpose. How about a fully automated, internet controlled maker space. A whole warehouse of automation just there to be booked for use from anywhere in the world.

So what would it need, T1 trunk in , multi frequency wireless if equipment is not mobile. Robots for carrying and placing work between stations. Cutting welding, put together, take apart stations. Material, parts stores and referencing..Automated circuit board manufacture. An ordering, inwards and finished outwards goods remote controlled automation. Chemistry makers would probably need a whole separate warehouse.

Probably this would be driven by a personally installed IDE to virtually play with steps until a satisfactory program has been thoroughly ironed out. This is very Tony Stark but industrial robotics, factory automation and individual robotic systems are advancing at quite a fast pace.

The whole area would be decked out with cameras to watch the happenings and stimulate others to have a go. It would be quite amazing to see UiUC's bionic bat carry your light circuit board to the assembly workstation. I might even consider taking up [8th's] offer and trying to make the smallest effect, triggerable supersonic explosive.

Of course this would be a gift womb, Skynet would need.

wjt, May 02 2020


       Building some ideas require re-mortgaging the house.
Building THIS will require re-mortgaging Canada...
neutrinos_shadow, May 03 2020

       Technology waste is high so maker spaces will eventually be supplied with broken and unused remote machinery to be fixed and installed. This is a long haul plan.
wjt, May 06 2020

       A rat has got into your cft.
pertinax, May 06 2020

       // Building THIS will require re-mortgaging Canada... //   

       What, nearly nine dollars ?
8th of 7, May 06 2020

       I simply have no idea what this would look like or be. How about a huge swimming pool, or yoga studio?
blissmiss, May 06 2020

       Forget robots. Human interns who follow instructions from earpieces while engineerically-unchallenged folks from around the planet collaborate on things they couldn't be arsed to create if not for shits-n-giggles.   

       That way underskilled human 'makers' get to learn in a hands-on method from interested professionals screwing around for fun remotely.   

       Groups of similar interests would form naturally, lurkers would contribute things not possible without group-think and trolls would quickly be shown to the door.   


       In other words, the only robot here is a little 8x8 3d printer I built with a makers group.
I mean if Tony Stark, (ahem, yes I'm talking to you Elon), wants to set up headquarters here and help me design and build the orbital old age home I'm dreaming of I wouldn't turn it down.

       We could play shuffle board or some quarter G tennis in the mornings, (I'd make him look good), maybe some pinochle in the afternoons. Snifters of brandy in the evenings as we watch the phases of the Earth.   


       could happen...
...you don't know!

       //How about a huge swimming pool//   

       Mmmm. A whole remote lab under an inert liquid would give more time to watch the tiny piece fall off the bench.
wjt, May 08 2020


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