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Remote control lightweight limb saw

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A 'n'-shaped tool, like a clamp, with a loop at the top. You drop it over a tree limb using a long pole with a hook on the end. Use your remote control to activate the clamp which secures it to the branch. Then operate the saw - a wire or maybe a flexible chainsaw 'blade' is hidden within the 'n' shape and is drawn slowly down until it is taut between the ends of the two 'arms' of the device.

When it's finished, hook the pole on, unclamp it and lift it down or onto a new branch or further up the branch you just cut.

Don't put it on the branch the wrong way round or it'll fall down with your branch.
hippo, Nov 19 2004

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       Mind your head.
skinflaps, Nov 19 2004

       But that's the benefit of this - you can walk far away.   

       I do wonder how heavy this thing would have to be. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the (heavy) power source at the bottom of the pole (which it would now have to be attached to)? You could even make it electric and have a cord coming out of the pole.
Worldgineer, Nov 19 2004

       I thought this would be a tool for adventurers to carry. You've probably heard about the rock climber who had his arm pinned and had to cut it off and self-rescue.
normzone, Nov 19 2004

       How easy is it to use to make the initial backcut?
bristolz, Nov 19 2004

       You’d probably need to hold the far end of the branch up with the pole, but this is still easier. +
Shz, Nov 19 2004


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