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Self-Sharpening Telescopic Knife

Very similar to "Utility knife blade sharpener"
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I was searching for prior art on an idea for a self-sharpening knife (inspired by a line in the post "an improved bladeless knife"). My idea was for a pocket knife that has a sharpener in the handle, thus eliminating the need for carrying a separate sharpener or having to find one at home if you don't carry one with you. Normally, I carry folding knives but I'm not sure how that would work with a self-sharpener, so I changed my focus to telescoping knives (switchblade or manual), the idea being for a sharpener in the handle that the blade is pressed against when being retracted into the handle.

While searching for prior art, I came across the idea "utility knife blade sharpener" which features the same mechanism for sharpening the blade. Unsure if it's too similar (since the mechanism is the same but the application is different), I post away. I will say for my idea's defense against cries of "baked" or "halfbaked", which will no doubt cite the previously mentioned idea, that the sharpening mechanism is more practical, I believe, in a telescoping pocket knife than in a retractable utility knife since the blade is disposeable and is not ultra-thin and breakeable like a utility knife blade, thus the sharpener would get more practical use in my idea. Sharpening a disposeable blade is kinda redundant. Again, not sure if this warrants its own posting or merely an annotation in the other idea. But since I came up with the idea on my own, I'll post first and await your judgement.

I would also like to point out, since I realize that the use of the word "switchblade" above may evoke some hostile reactions, that I chose the "tool" category because, while I realize there is a widespread misuse of pocket knives on the streets as weapons, I consider a good pocket knife to be a versatile tool, to be used for anything from opening packages and cutting strings to light-medium duty prying and turning screws. I've never used a knife as a weapon and hope I never have to, but on the off-chance that the need does ever arise, it would reassure me greatly to know my knife if always sharp. I'd also like to point out that switchblades ARE illegal without a license, and switchblades with this addition would be just as restricted. Also, since switchblades are the style of knife issued to many soldiers stationed overseas, and do get used in combat there, it would benefit our troops, and, who knows, might help bring a few more home alive.

Another benefit of this style of sharpener is safety. In a telescoping knife, your fingers never touch the blade, so you can sharpen the blade with easy, one-handed, thumb-only motions without risk of missing the sharpener on a stroke and cutting yourself. This would also suit my fidgeting nature, and give it a practical outlet.

21 Quest, Apr 26 2008


       There's plenty of cutlery on the market where the sharpener is built into the scabbard. Interesting in a folding-knife though.
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2008

       Thanks, 2 fries. Took me a minute to figure out what you meant... line eight, word seven had been edited. 'Preciate it.
21 Quest, Apr 29 2008


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