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Rent a clone services

Have your body and mind duplicated at the location of your choice
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Though complete teleportation systems are available, we can get your anywhere you want without the fear of a teleporter crash destroying your entity. You can still remotely see, smell, hear and feel everything your clone is experiencing. A copy of your body and soul will be be digitally captured by sensors attached to your body; 3D cameras and high fidelity microphones add data. All gathered information will immediately be transmitted to another RENT A BODY robot franchise in the solar system of your choice. Your persona and memory will be downloaded into quadruple-stranded DNA helixes on your remote brain on the robot; the automaton then becomes your clone in thoughts, actions, voice, body language, color and shape.(1) Your RENT A CLONE will perform surgery, dance, sing, invent, vacation, babysit, and operate asteroid mining equipment or 3D printers. The clone will do absolutely anything you can do.

But wait, there's more! If you call within the next Hour we will include the personalities of Chuck Norris and Honey Boo Boo for your amusement.

Thank you and mind meld with us NOW.

(1) There are additional charges for the creation of non- default body adornments for your physical clone. Custom robots can be created to your specs for body color and shape, and housed at a RENT A CLONE location you desire. Liability release documents are required. Clones will not be rented to felons or those unable to pass weapons ownership tests. Any similarity to devices in science fiction works are unintended as we do not have time to read or watch the genre.

Charles Fort Corp. LLC

Sunstone, Jan 27 2013

"Kiln People" by David Brin http://www.davidbrin.com/kilnpeople1.html
Smart and funny [AusCan531, Jan 28 2013]

This is the other link - not concepts but cliches and tropes in video and print... http://tvtropes.org...lativeFictionTropes
[normzone, Jan 29 2013]

And this is the link - a good place to start, probably not all inclusive... http://www.technove...ct/ctnlistalpha.asp
...includes artificial gravity assisted childbirth... [normzone, Jan 29 2013]

I had a similar wish... Been_20there_2c_20done_20that_3f
"One thing I've found out, over the years, is that, anytime you think that you were the originator of some new idea, ' I was the first to do that, ' you'll find some old fellow who did it around 1895. Every darn time. " Edward Hamilton, 1904 - 1977, in "The Space Opera Renaissance", TOR Books, 2006 [normzone, Jan 29 2013]

The user may project his or her physical presence at one or more locations http://www.telegrap...man-like-robot.html
The University also unveiled its new tele-presence robot named EDGAR which has a rear-projecting screen for its face and two highly articulated arms. By standing in front of a specialised webcam, a user can control EDGAR remotely from anywhere in the world. The user's face and expressions will be displayed on the robot's face in real time, while the robot mimics the person's upper body movements. [Sunstone, Dec 30 2015]

Farthest Star http://www.fantasti...l/farthest-star.htm
Replication rather than cloning ... [8th of 7, Dec 30 2015]

transplant a live person’s brain into a bionic body, then it would “achieve a point where no one has to die at all http://www.express....th-brain-preserving
The new company are aiming to “extend and enhance life" by freezing human brains for extended periods of time using cryonics, a deep freezing technology using very low temperatures, and then putting them into artificial bodies [Sunstone, Jan 02 2016]

The government cancelled my passport to the US but I'm now here with you guys in Las Vegas http://www.theguard...ble-technology-beam
[Sunstone, Jan 07 2016]

You'll be in 500 places at once https://www.dailyst...low-humans-20055580
Just call "Rent a Body" and ask to see the many bodies you can choose from [Sunstone, Sep 14 2019]

Concept in the baking process https://duckduckgo....ke+robots%27&ia=web
our brains would be transferred into Westworld-like robots. "There would be no need for human cloning, we can create Westworld-style androids with rigid skeletons," he said. "These would have muscle-like fibres grown to human flesh, and they would be 10-15 times stronger than human muscle." [Sunstone, Mar 05 2020]

Konnichiwa.... Face and mind tranported to robot with video conference tools. The oven is hot and baking https://duckduckgo....+to+outbreak&ia=web
Video and audio of the renter on the face of the bot - getting closer. Those sex doll makers could take 360 degree pictures of the renter and 3D print a clone looking body of the renter pre-fitted with universal fitting and design robot mechanisms [Sunstone, Apr 06 2020]


       "we do not have time to read or watch the genre"   

       So this is a wholly independent thought without your having experienced any media? From whence comes Chuck and Honey?   

       Science Fiction fun but probably qualifies for MFD magic.
normzone, Jan 28 2013

       Science not found.
Voice, Jan 28 2013

       I suggest you make time to read "Kiln People". Good fun and well written. First chapter is [linked]. (And puns, lots and lots of puns)
AusCan531, Jan 28 2013

       // The clone will do absolutely anything you can do. //   

       Not without learning how to do it first. Memory isn't enough: the body and lower brain must be trained to perform these skills. I've been alpine skiing for twenty-eight years. Somehow I don't see my clone challenging me to a double-diamond race the minute it steps out of the vat. Even my uncanny ability to quote the specs of any armored fighting vehicle of the WWII era upon demand requires real-world reference points and didactic-process experience to perform.   

       I'm accepting that all of the other supposedly scifi elements of this idea are actually WKTE; after all, nobody here believed in Automated Refinery Snails or Green- Skinned Venusian Sex Princesses until I pointed out that they exist. However, I find that one point a bit hard to swallow.
Alterother, Jan 29 2013

       Like in 'Across the Universe'?
Alterother, Jan 29 2013

       Since I really can't consume all the sci fi stuff out there, is there an online index that contains sci fi concepts that have already been brought forth? If not we need to invent one (that somehow does not give away the story line)to prevent plagiarizing other' s ideas.
Sunstone, Jan 29 2013

       I sympathize, I try to consume as much science fiction as I can and I just scratch the surface. Yes there is, and while I look for it you can entertain yourself with this other link.
normzone, Jan 29 2013

       mfd - a recurring sf theme.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2015

8th of 7, Dec 30 2015

       Sounds like Avatar (James Cameron's).
notexactly, Dec 31 2015


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