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Repair/Servicing Kits

All the parts and tools required to do the job in one package
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if this is baked i'd love to know who by. My idea is that you can buy complete kits for simple servicing or repair jobs on your car. By this i mean the screw drivers with correct head etc.

this idea stems from the fact that i am reasonably practical but avoid doing work on my car myself for fear of landing up halfway through the job needing a gasket or other part that i now can't go out to buy as my car is in bits.

engineer1, Mar 04 2004

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       + from me for the parts kit, but wouldn't you end up with the world's biggest toolbox? Maybe the tools could be returnable? The really annoying thing is that some car companies SAY they do this for cambelt kits and similar, but you get to the putting-it-back stage and discover that there is a gasket or stretch bolt not included which the dealer has to back order and takes three days to arrive.
unclepete, Mar 04 2004

       I want to like it, but I have a lot of tools already. Maybe if the tool kit could be an add-on...possibly just a list of UPC's or SKU's of the tools. I can see such a list of tools required for a job being valuable to a parts retailer that also happens to stock tools. If you could come up with an inexpensive way to identify said list of tools for many, many, many parts, AutoZone or CSK just might want to speak with you.
half, Mar 04 2004

       half that is my intention, you can choose between the box with tools and the box without.
engineer1, Mar 04 2004

       what might be nice is a garage that will, for a fee, teach you how to do these little jobs, give you hands on experience and provide the tools (not evening classes but something in between)
po, Mar 04 2004

       To develop such a database, you could contract with about 1000 mechanics to record exactly what tools, parts and materials they use for every job. Have them enter this list into the database with the make and model of the car, and the exact job description. Since common repairs will be reported multiple times, you could have error checking, or mark certain tools as “sometimes needed.”
AO, Mar 04 2004


       "box with tools and the box without"...that would cause any stock with tools not to be saleable to someone who doesn't want the tools. I was thinking separate SKU for the tool add-on (or, as I said, just a list of SKU's for the tools stocked in the store). I do like the concept, but am also aware of the problems of tying up stock in a kit that might not sell while its components might sell.   

       (BTW - I'm not simply being contrary. I'm just giving my opinion/insight in case it happens to provide some value to you. I tend to want to think through these things as if they're going to market.)
half, Mar 04 2004

       good point half maybe your approach is better for marketing, and would also allow you to choose the quality of the tools after all a good quality wrench for your old rolling wreck were as high quality tools for generic bits like a good Torque Wrench handle but cheap socket.
engineer1, Mar 04 2004


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