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Restaurant Videoconference Blind Dating

A singles table that VC blind dates you with someone in a nearby restaurant
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A mod of the Blind Date Restaurant where just a couple of tables are set aside for singles, which have a dedicated VC PC at them. When you sit down, you answer some basic questions and are linked to a person who loosely matches you criteria in the same or another restaurant. It could be good advertising for the restaurants as people would probably mention the quality and type of their food at some point. Also part of the questionnaire could ask about your mood and may match two heterosexual men or women who just want to talk about hating the other sex. Lastly it could give someone who travels a lot the opportunity to find someone in their neighborhood by linking a New Yorker VCing back from Tokyo to NYC to meet someone in their neighborhood while feeling alone and isolated on a long trip. Even though you'd probably be eating breakfast with someone having dinner. Also it could allow married people on trips to still have dinner with their families.
MisterQED, Jan 17 2009




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