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prehistoric restaurant

light fires and cook meat on them
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This restaurant would have a caveman/hunter- gatherer theme. The decor would be of rocks and unshaped wood. Tables are stone slabs, chairs are boulders and stumps. Foods would be such as nuts, fruits, berries, and large chunks of fire roasted meat. No tableware is needed, throw your bone on the floor. Speaking in audible grunts is encouraged. Open fires are placed here and there.

Dress code is animal fur.

EDIT: bits of cleaned furry animal skin is provided for use as napkins. A temperature differential is created and fires are kept hot enough to pull smoke through the roof. Dogs roam and are free to pick bones up off the floor.

In a far corner half naked women stomp to the beat of drums, in the other corner it's half naked men. Here fermented fruit and early versions of mead is sold.

Voice, Sep 09 2010

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       Similar to my "Mesozoic restaurant" in some ways, which is on here somewhere.
nineteenthly, Sep 09 2010

       I would go [+]
pocmloc, Sep 09 2010

       baked: my backyard... minus nuts fruits berries, plus beer.
FlyingToaster, Sep 09 2010

       So, like a normal restaurant except for the comfort and good food?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 09 2010

       // caveman/hunter-gatherer theme //   

       Some potential clients (i.e. the Welsh) might be put off by such an upmarket and swanky establishment, where there's actually a menu (albeit one where the patron points at a painting on the wall) rather than just eating raw sheep, rocks, or seaweed <link>.
8th of 7, Sep 09 2010

       And if your credit card is declined, a giant carnivorous dinosaur head descends from the fake understory and eats you, similar to that scene in Jurassic Park where the Tyrannosaurus Rex ate the lawyer? I'd bun for that [+].
Grogster, Sep 09 2010


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