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Restock by Shopfloor Removal

Remove shopfloors for restocking centrally
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In a dream about a superhero TV series where the characters regularity retcon the main characters extensively, a side observation struck me as potential idea.

A whole restocked shop floor was inserted into a shop before it opened. I watched it from the shop window.

Given a high-volume, frequently sited store it could make sense to collect them overnight and restock them at a central location, where all major supplies are held. You could even replenish reserve stock for restocking during the day.

Properly run a single team could restock constantly throughout the night, working on a standardised shop layout. Logistics would ensure that each removable shop floor arrives age returns at the the correct time.

The shops would have to be designed for this and one of my favourite concepts, automatically re-docking utilities woul have to be used but it might work.

The dream featured a toy shop, appropriate to the merchandising opportunity that my dreamt of TV series would bring.

Aristotle, May 09 2016

Swaping entire shops ? Self-Driving_20Swap_20Delivery
use taxi cabs to deliver groceries ? [popbottle, May 09 2016]

Movable playing field https://www.youtube...watch?v=msdWiiDgMX8
Seems to work with lighter floors. [whatrock, May 09 2016]


       This could work on the principle of the movable playing field (link). Also, if your restock warehouse were nearby and laid out like a carousel, the depleted floor would slide in, the carousel would rotate one floor-width and a freshly restocked floor would slide out for reinsertion into the store. Plumb all utilities into the walls and overhead. [+]
whatrock, May 09 2016

       From the title, we thought that this would be an idea for modular shelving that could be lowered into a basement and exchanged for a restocked module by a stacker truck.   

       The top of the module is a section of floor.   

       Each aisle has one "blank" slot. The fresh module is raised into the empty position, then the depleted one is lowered, the pallet is unloaded from the frame, and a fresh one is inserted.   

       There is a gap between the raised pallet and the fixed floor just wide enough for a todder to conveniently drop through and plummet onto the hard concrete floor five metres below.   

       If a customer is standing on a floor panel when it starts to rise, they will be conveniently crushed between the panel and the concrete ceiling.
8th of 7, May 09 2016


       *Hungarian recipe for an omelet - "First, steal three eggs ...".
8th of 7, May 09 2016

       // ...a toddler to conveniently drop through and plummet... they will be conveniently crushed //   

       Always looking on the bright side, [8th]. Clearly you should educate the next generation of engineers.
whatrock, May 09 2016


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