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Reuben's cigarette lighter

Specialty overdone feedback lighter system
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Walking through the quiet, dimly lit restaurant, the accused, Reuben Hendrix, when asked by the defendant, Maxima Bustamante, if he had a light, pulled this contraption out of his backpack, flicked it on and held it up to the defendant's extended cigarette, before the resulting conflagration and thus this arson case, your honor.

The contraption consists of a Pyro Plate (link 1), and a sound- emitting light-detector (link 2).

When Mr. Hendrix actually flicked it on, the pyro plate aspect of the device activated, triggering the sound-emitting light-detector, which detected the light, emitted corresponding sound, which in turn modulated the pyro plate so that emitted more light, etc, until the amplication was modified by the included modulation software until there was a pleasing feedback effect in both light and sound, reminiscent of the soundscapes once produced by mr. Hendrix's namesake of Woodstock star spangled banner fame.

It was only after this over-wrought but beautiful contraption performed the task of lighting the cigarette that Ms Bustamante, already slack-jawed in amazement, let the smoldering cigarette drop out of her mouth long enough to say "I do" in response to mr. Hendrix's question, "do you need anything else", after which she added, " a ride out of this nowhere town," to which he then responded, "will you marry me first," before stamping out the smoldering cigarette on the rug, whisking the aforementioned Ms Bustamente out of the dimly lit restaurant, into the big city, and down to the courthouse where she will now repeat her first sentiment, settling the case with a mutual conviction for arsony of their hearts.

JesusHChrist, Nov 05 2012

Pyro plate http://m.youtube.co...lated&v=Y4Q4tirAOmU
[JesusHChrist, Nov 05 2012]

Second feature of Colorino is a light detector http://www.maxiaids...Light-Detector.html
[JesusHChrist, Nov 05 2012]




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