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Reverse-grip Assisted-Opening Folding Knife

Because you might not always have time for finesse
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Let me start off by saying that the intent of this innovation is self-defense, in case you are attacked and need to draw your weapon quickly.

There are a lot of people who prefer the reverse-grip when fighting with knives. You see it all the time in military movies and training videos alike. What I mean by reverse-grip is holding the knife in the orientation of a stabbing motion, blade down. This is not my preferred method, but that's just a matter of personal preference. This idea is for those who do prefer that method, and to make that method quicker to implement.

One reason I don't like the reverse-grip is that, unless you've got a fixed-blade knife, you waste valuable time pulling a folder out of your pocket, opening the knife (which always opens blade-up) then flipping your grip.

This knife is designed to flip open in the blade-down, reverse-grip orientation. The handle is designed to be comfortable in that grip, as opposed to existing designs where comfort priority is given to the blade-up grip. The only exception (and the inspiration for this idea) I've seen to that rule is a reality-inspired knife made by Jim Wagner, which is designed to be equally comfortable in either grip.

21 Quest, Jan 05 2007

Jim Wagner's reality-based folder http://www.jimwagne.../homelinkboker.html
[21 Quest, Jan 05 2007]

Benchmade Reflex http://www.benchmad...ail.aspx?model=2550
Auto opening tactical folder from Benchmad. [Noexit, Jan 05 2007]

and then, there is this guy. if I had to choose a new daddy... http://wcbstv.com/h...tory_004172029.html
[po, Jan 06 2007]


       Sorry, can't condone anything to do with street fighting, especially when it involves weapons. Self-defence or not. (-)
jtp, Jan 05 2007

       Can you condone a soldier defending himself on the battlefield? I never said anything about streetfighting. I specifically mentioned military training videos. This would be mainly used for military and law-enforcement, and illegal without a permit like any other assisted-opening knife.
21 Quest, Jan 05 2007

       Apologies, I made an incorrect assumption. Bone withdrawn.
jtp, Jan 05 2007

       Damn autoboner....
21 Quest, Jan 05 2007

       Not auto. Just think its a weak idea, and probably obvious to any master of the art.(-)
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 05 2007

       Oh well, to each his own. Even a master will have to admit that it takes time, however minute an amount, to switch to the reverse grip.
21 Quest, Jan 05 2007

       By the way, what does 'reality-inspired' mean?
zen_tom, Jan 05 2007

       I don't get it. What makes this idea different from any other assisted opening folder? Just the shape of the blade and grip? Compare your idea to the knife in my link.
Noexit, Jan 05 2007

       //This is not my preferred method//

       <scratches head>
skinflaps, Jan 05 2007

       Three key differences:

       1) shape of the handle

       2) button would be opposite the hinge

       3) pocket clip would be opposite the hinge

       zen-tom, this is explained in great length and detail in the link I provided.
21 Quest, Jan 05 2007

       I read as much of that as I could take, but didn't really take anything away other than a bunch of the usual sales-talk. So, I guess, "reality-based" in this context, is a kind of trademark.
zen_tom, Jan 06 2007

       Heh. This world is so over-the-top that I find its sales jargon funny, not offensive, but I can see why it would grate on some. Still, the precise mechanics involved in such split-second devices are interesting. You misdesign a cell phone, customers get annoyed. You misdesign a knife, customers get killed.

       21 Quest, as someone who's utterly naive about knives, I don't understand what it means for a folding knife to open "blade up". You push a button, out comes a blade, right? Can't you do that in any direction, as long as your fingers aren't in the way? Maybe give it a little shake or something?
jutta, Jan 06 2007

       Ian, I love you to eeeny eeeny weeeny bits, as I am sure many others here do too.

       please do NOT carry stuff that you would fight to the death to keep - it just is not worth it.
po, Jan 06 2007

       hope you feel better soon. <hug>

       oops, sorry.
po, Jan 06 2007

       Unchoreographed group fights suck. Get well, and take some time off while we at halfbakery HQ get to work on an attack wallet. *snap* *bite* *nibble*
jutta, Jan 06 2007


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