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Reverse 180-Degree Headers

High Performance V8 with American sound
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So, without getting into all that great detail, there are two types of highly-used V8 engines that differ because of their crankshaft design. A "cross-plane" V8 is the most used design, and the one you'll find in almost all cars. It is well balanced for the most part with counterweights, but it has a slightly odd firing order, and that's what causes the distinct sound of muscle cars and also why a V8 is the only engine to not sound identical to one with half the cylinders. A "flat plane" is a design found in exotic cars such as Ferraris, and it is a crankshaft that has a 180 degree firing order, which makes it sound more like two four cylinder engines, and although it doesn't require heavy counterweights meaning it can rev higher, it is less balanced in general and that is why you won't find it under the hood of a normal family sedan.

So way back when, special headers were designed to make American V8s sound like they had a 180 degree firing order by re-routing different cylinders' exhaust to different sides (they have been described as looking like a bundle of snakes). Well in my opinion this is the worst of all worlds, as I prefer the sound of a cross-plane V8 yet like the high-reving capability of the flat plane.

Well my idea is for a flat-plane V8 with the capability of being extremely high reving, possibly based on a motorcycle engine, with headers that use the exact same concept as 180-degree headers, except to re-route different tubes to make the engine sound like a cross-plane. I envision this used for small, extremely high-reving V8s to make them rumble just like big-blocks. Hell, put a Ferrari engine in a Corvette with this design and it would sound stock up to around 6000 RPM, except for the fact that it would not only rev up a lot easier but also be good for about 8500 revs.

acurafan07, Aug 07 2008

Crank Design for V8s http://en.wikipedia...e#Crankshaft_design
Wikipedia Article [acurafan07, Aug 07 2008]


       It seems logical that this would be desireable to some. Not me though, because I associate the sound of a rumbling big block with old-fashioned, wrought iron technology.
Texticle, Aug 07 2008

       On the even fire v8 engine it is very easy to build headers that provide good scavenge without being very long or bulky (just like an inline 4). This combines positively with the ability to rev high. Trying to mismatch pairs to get the rolling burble of the odd fire seems counter intuitive. Building a destroked SBC would be easier and yield (as i hear it) exactly what you want. 8500rpm is well within reach. either way, nothing sounds better than the song of an uncorked engine. Bundy.
WcW, Aug 07 2008

       you could just cheat and use a sampler and some big speakers...you could have v8, 2CV, ice cream van, steam engine or whatever. Connect it to the rev meter to make it follow the engine speed.   

       I think that you underestimate the brain's ability to model the complex behavior of sound.
WcW, Jul 31 2009


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