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Reverse hearing aid

Turn your head into a binaural microphone
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A binaural microphone is a dummy head fitted with very natural sounding microphones in both ears. Sound recorded through one of these contraptions sounds much more realistic than a standard stereo setup since it basically cuts out the problem of headphones cancelling out the directional sensitivity of the human ear.

My idea is to make microphones like that but in the form of earbuds. I know it wouldn't be quite the same as the dummy head since the microphones wouldn't be quite as deep in the ear and therefore wouldn't get the full effect of the pinna (outer ear folds), but it would be a cool way to take little audio "pictures" of various situations, and perhaps use them for live music.

Joolin, Oct 15 2010


       I suppose a problem to solve might be any unwanted noise (swallowing etc.)? Or perhaps that's an advantage? Wireless would remove the cable noise when it drags on clothing.   

       Would it be a way to make the recording sound like you hear your own voice?
Ling, Oct 15 2010


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