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Reversed 2-pattern tie

Small half in front
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I had a dream I was wearing 2 ties at once. The knot was something new, and the patterns of the two ties were different but complementary.

This could be accomplished without inventing the new knot. The thin half of the tie usually hangs in back concealed by the large half. I propose that the thin half could be made with a different design than the thick half, then the tie worn with the thin half in front. A square of velcro in the back could hold it in place, or a tie pin, or it could swing loose.

A few combinations I just thought of: waves in back and a school of fish in front, stars and comets in back and an abstract sunrise in front, blue stripes on an orange background in back, with the same pattern inverted on the front...etc.

bungston, May 11 2006

Escher http://home.comcast...c/Sky_And_Water.jpg
[po, May 11 2006]

In the future... http://www.filmhai....dex.php?gal=1&pic=8
...we'll all be wearing two ties. [st3f, May 11 2006]

Kipper tie http://www.islanden...g/70'skippertie.jpg
[skinflaps, May 11 2006]

Reversible Neck tie http://www.freepate...ne.com/6687914.html
this is as close as i came to finding your idea, i like yours better though [Curiosity, May 14 2006]


       Fish ties. Hm.
DrCurry, May 11 2006

       perhaps one of Escher's designs e.g. the black birds flying into white birds (or was it fish?)
po, May 11 2006

       very nice to get inspired from a dream +   

       half moon in front, full moon in back
xandram, May 11 2006

       [po] - both, if I remember correctly.
I'll check and get back if I'm wrong.
neutrinos_shadow, May 12 2006

       Yeah, why not. +
sartep, May 13 2006

       ohh i like it alot, even trwo completely differnt patterns, or do the same thing with every arcitcel of clothing, white t- shirt is black on the inside, blue blaser is a creamy orange when inside-outed, haha, that would be fun.
Curiosity, May 14 2006


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