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Revolving Cat Flap

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Say goodbye to the cat traffic-jam. The end of those prolonged back-door stand-offs. No more annoying rattles at 2 AM. It's silent, convenient and feline-friendly, allowing instant and simultaneous 2-way movement. Perfect for the indecisive cat. Lockable if windy. Requires large door.
tretchikoff, Jul 12 2000

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       Well, hey, I can't stand cats and I'm sure they hate my ginger-head too -- after all, I wouldn't blame them. But this sounds like a complete Michael Winner (Death Wish etc.) to me. How dare cats hover and procrastinate? Let's get them in, let's whisk them around, let's - in short - make their lives a bit more shy-T. But at the same time, let's make 'em weep. Oh, I've gone on too long. And it's all been negative. It's just they bring me out in welts, the bat-tarts. I've let privet get in the way of pro. Shamewon me!   

       And shite!
eehen, Jul 12 2000


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