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Revolving Doors Clock

Fast, Medium & Slow Entrances To Buildings Open 24hrs A Day
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Three revolving doors.

The first is the 'hours' revovling door. One of the four door pieces has tinted windows, and signifies the hour hand. The hour can be found by comparing the position of the tinted 'hour hand' door to the gold numbers (1-12) inbedded in the floor. This door has an entrance-exit time of 6 hours, and is for those wishing to deffer the inevitable.

The second is the 'minutes' revolving door. Same set-up as the 'hours' door, only with numbers 1-60. This one has an entrance-exit time of 30 minutes, ideal for those wishing to kill a little time.

The third and final revolving door represents 'seconds'. Same set-up as for 'minutes'. This door has an entrance-exit time of 30 seconds and is perfect for those in a hurry.

tyskland, Dec 14 2002


       //This door has an entrance-exit time of 30 seconds and is perfect for those in a hurry.//   

       How many people really want to spend even 30 seconds in a revolving door? And even if someone had half an hour to kill, how likely would they be to want to spend it inside a revolving door?   

       Also, most revolving doors have a considerable part of the rotating cycle during which a person is stuck in the door itself; this is probably true for about 1/4 of the rotating cycle. What is someone supposed to do if they're in the "hour" door, halfway through entering the building, and a fire breaks out?
supercat, Dec 14 2002

       supercat: How many times have you entered a building and exited one without it going on fire? It is highly unlikely that a fire would start, and even if one did, then the automatic sprinkler system that most major buildings have these days would readily take care of it.
tyskland, Dec 15 2002

       Well that's OK then.   

       It's not beyond the wit of man to disengage the mechanism in the event of a fire alarm so the doors can be folded back out of the way. I believe this happens with existing revolving doors, which, let's face it, would not provide a fast enough means of escape as they are!   

       This clock would make a great surreal display if the three doors were placed in the middle of a lobby, with people walking either side of them.
egbert, Dec 15 2002

       I think it would also be quite fun if the 'seconds' door was child-sized, the 'minutes' door was normal sized, and the 'hours' door was giant sized.
tyskland, Dec 15 2002

       Revolving doors to nowhere as interactive art. kewl.
RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2002

       I have changed my vote to neutral (from fishie) contingent upon the doors being installed as "doors to nowhere". Even then, I would have some reservations except that they'd still be loads better than some of the stuff at the London's Tate Modern (I'd read about stupid "modern art" pieces, but wouldn't have believed that any museum would actually hang a 2.5m x 1.5m canvas painted about a 20% gray and label it as a serious piece of art (entitled, naturally enough, "gray").
supercat, Dec 17 2002


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