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Rick Roll Jammer I

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Its a small music chip, combined with an over powered transmitter, in a portable package.

Press the "RickRoll" button, and all communications turns into RickRoll. You also have the option to make it activate at random.

The RickRoller has different package for different mission.

A small mobile phone sized device to Jam FM and AM radios.

A suitcase version to Jam TV Stations in a certain radius.

Military Electromagnetic warfare pods for jet fighter, to RickRoll entire cities


MeatSpin not included, but is certainly not unimpossible to implement for the TV jammer version.

mofosyne, Aug 19 2010


       It's going to need a power source.   

       It's going to need an antenna.   

       It's going to need cooling.
8th of 7, Aug 19 2010

       Throw in 2g1c too, now that you are at it.
neelandan, Aug 19 2010

       For obvious reasons, I was rather apprehensive about clicking on this idea.
DrBob, Aug 20 2010

       I appreciate your honesty DrBob
mofosyne, Aug 21 2010

       8th of 7 - Which can easily be fitted into a lunchbox ya know?
mofosyne, Apr 29 2011

       a devastating weapon, nearly as powerful as concentrated smug, which can be harvested at many artsy coffee shops across the country.
fischerman, Apr 29 2011


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