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Rifle Sight

Digital Telecopic Sights
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The computer controlled telescopic sights feature Infra red laser distance ranging, dual Anemometers for wind drift, a low light video camera built into the front of the unit projects the image onto a small screen built into the rear of the scope. When all the data has been calculated the crosshairs will move and "flash" red to indicate the correct firing solution. Then all that needs to be done is for the trigger to be pulled. So, the IR laser calculates the distance to the target, dual micro Anemometers one mounted at the rear of the scope, the other at the muzzle end of the rifle calculate wind speed/drift, based on the variance of wind velocity between the front and rear Anemometers, then taking into account the distance to the target, the computer calculates the correct position of the crosshairs in the viewer.Digital zoom buttons mounted just above the trigger guard allow the user to zoom in for greater accuracy.
Micky Dread, Nov 30 2003

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       I dunno. Sounds at least somewhat plausible. I'd use Doppler radar instead of the anemometers, though.
DrCurry, Nov 30 2003

       Makes it easier for the kind of person who shouldn't have a gun to use them.
Almafeta, Nov 30 2003

       Why not just farm the animals you want to shoot? It would be easier, and about as much sport as the sight you describe.
suctionpad, Nov 30 2003

       I must confess I don't like hunting, but the reasoning behind this idea is that if your going to shoot something you might as well do it properly, no maiming, no wounded animals crashing through the forest, just a straight quick kill.
Micky Dread, Nov 30 2003

       Do those have digital telescopic sights?
Micky Dread, Nov 30 2003

       I have a sneaking suspicion I chose the wrong category for this one, I was really thinking about those Olympic shooters with all the weird looking bits and pieces they seem to have attached to their rifles. But this was the only one that mentioned rifles.....
Micky Dread, Nov 30 2003

       I reckon it would be a lot easier to merely have your target wear a small hat with a mini wind sock poking out the top to provide greater accuracy...
Supercruiser, Dec 01 2003

       Micky D: you might want to move this to "Product: Weapon: Gun". I also assumed this was primarily intended for target shooters and army snipers. You don't get much in the way of hunting in NYC. Except maybe parking spaces.
DrCurry, Dec 01 2003

       This is baked. I'm just having trouble finding the link ... I'll post it when I happen by it again
Letsbuildafort, Dec 01 2003

       It's been done. In any case, making a sight that will do everything for the shotter is most unsporting. If i ever go hunting that's me you'll see on a low-hanging branch with knife destined for your jugular vein.
whatastrangeperson, Dec 21 2003


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