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Ring Clock

Wrap a clock around your finger
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The ring clock works like a windup toy would work, there is a metal spring wound a few times around the inside of the ring and fixed in place at the inner most end.
The other end of the spring is fixed to the inside of the outer part of the ring.
When the outer part of the ring is twisted, the spring tightens and slowly unwinds, making the outer part turn - the clock numbers are spaced evenly around the outside of the ring, and the time will be told from a marker.
To stop the ring from being slowed by other fingers, a thin transparent layer will go around the ring, fastened in place on the inner part. This will slide lengthways (in relation to the finger) when it needs to be moved to wind the ring up again, and can have the marker on it by which the wearer reads the time.
fridge duck, Apr 07 2005

(?) Ring Watch http://www.dli.ch/h...watch-finger01f.jpg
[skinflaps, Apr 07 2005]

Ring Clock http://mmminimal.co...chanical-jewellery/
Concept [xaviergisz, Sep 10 2012]


       I'm sure I don't know what you might have thought it said.
fridge duck, Apr 07 2005

       Husband of Queen Victoria.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 07 2005

       I'm with UB <bends over> I can't quite make out the time. Would you mind taking a quick look? </bends over>

Apart from that, I like the idea; It could be adapted to read years in marriage, with an anniversary alarm for the more forgetful. +
Ling, Apr 07 2005

       Thanks for the link skinflaps but thats not really what I had in mind, my ring clock has the numbers going all around the finger.
fridge duck, Apr 09 2005

       I knew that.
skinflaps, Apr 09 2005

       One ring to time them all.   

       Swiss cheese annotations...but the idea is great.
Ling, Sep 10 2012


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