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Ringtone capture

Feed ringtones into cellphone as audio
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Most cellphones have an 'audio record' function for recording notes and such. I would like to see a version of this that would produce recordings of high-enough quality for use as ringtones. If one had a cable to feed an audio signal into a 'hands free adapter' port, the quality should be perfectly reasonable, and this would allow people to input whatever ringtone they wished without having to beg some web site to provide it.
supercat, Jan 13 2005

Example do it yourself software http://www.mobiledi...orum/topic6602.html
[Ling, Jan 14 2005]


       I think there are probably phones like that out there... I don't think they connect via a cable but they can certainly play high quiality music (for a cellphone). I expect there are highly complimicated problems that I won't pretend to understand, stuff like bitrates and speaker quality and stuff like that. Also the need for more storage space for higher quality ringtones.
pooduck, Jan 13 2005

       Certainly many mobile phones are able to receive .mp3 or other audio ringtones via the cell network. Unfortunately, this limits one to using ring tones which are available from service providers.
supercat, Jan 14 2005

       In some cases freeware is available that allows a pc to create the ring-tone, then download it. This requires quite a bit of buggering around, and in the case of my Samsung V200, was quite a miserable result.
Someone at my work place has programmed their telephone ring tone to say "one, two, three, pickup the phone or I'll get angry", in Thai. Extremely irritating.
Ling, Jan 14 2005

       It's not the mic thats the problem. The sound is saved in such low quality that it takes up very little space and sounds like crap.
neo_, Sep 12 2009

       why not just get an SD micro and transfer via the memory slot?
neo_, Nov 25 2009


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