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Road Trip Game From X Oil Co.

Road trip passengers play and win
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When you purchase fuel, you will be asked to punch in your destination and route. You will be given a receipt that gives you clues to things you will see along the road in the next one or two hundred miles. The clues will be in order so you only have to look for one at a time, each becoming more difficult to spot. The first a difficulty rating of 1, and tenth a difficulty rating of 10. When you see one of the things described, you record the next mile marker you see ( you may want to use a map and/or odometer readings to insure accuracy). If you successfully spot all the items, and list the mile markers numbers in order, you win an amount of fuel equal to the amount of your last purchase and may be credited toward more than one purchase, enabling you to stop and get a new game as soon as you wish. Bonus prizes could include oil changes, washes and other specialties.

Each entrant must provide the route they will be taking and each receipt will be custom made, no two alike. Each game must require at least one or two hundred miles, providing the computer with thousands of variations.

Each game piece must be redeemed for the same brand fuel as originally purchased and within a designated time window, X # of hours from time of purchase. If you cannot use all the fuel at that time you may have it credited toward future purchases on a fuel card.

This would be a game of trivia combined with information on road signs and other land marks ( bridges, tunnels, buildings, towers, tourist destinations etc.).

Example clue: #1. “Wasn’t built in a day, minus 13”, - Answer “275” (mile marker), located just after sign reading “Rome - Exit 13 Miles“.

Every interstate highway would have to be included and then updated regularly. Web sites for cheaters would have to be guarded against or flooded with false information, to prevent cheating. This should be afforded by extra income to the oil company. It would require testing so that the ratio of winners would not exceed a workable number.

Result should be addicting fun and rewards for the attentive player/passenger.

oyea6, Jul 18 2004


       Like we need another distraction while driving?
whlanteigne, Sep 30 2006

       It is good. Can you think of a variation that you play in the city, during congestation?   

       This would be useful.
vaios, Dec 06 2006


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