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Roadside Garbage Conveyor

Because litter and gutters are apparently inseparable.
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Rather than have people risk their lives picking up garbage on the roadside, UBCo have designed a system of drop-in conveyors that can be retrofitted to the gutters along freeways.

They are backed by a fence, to prevent cans, old boots, strips of truck tyres, bits of wooden pallet, broken headlights and bottles making it into the roadside green strips, by directing them onto the conveyor belt.

Once a day the belts can be turned on and run for a few minutes, delivering the road detritus into pre-positioned skips (dumpsters) under the end of each conveyor, so it can all be collected and processed later at a recycling station.

UnaBubba, Jan 17 2013


       My first thought was, "Bicyclists and hitch-hikers beware".   

       My second thought was, "I wonder how they recycle unfortunate hitch-hikers." I think there's probably a Soylent Green joke in there.
jurist, Jan 17 2013

       "Soylent Green is roadkill !" ?
8th of 7, Jan 17 2013

       Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. There's good eating on a porcupine, once two or three semi trucks have tenderized it.   

       ...or so I'm told.
Alterother, Jan 17 2013

       I don't see much roadkill on the freeways I drive. I do, however, see a lot of common refuse that's been thrown from vehicles. In any case, roadkill is not really any more or less disgusting than household waste that's been in a black plastic bin in the summer sun for a week.   

       I must admit to never having been tempted to eat anything I saw dead on the roadside, including ducks, crows, pigs, kangaroos, sheep, possums, foxes and snakes.
UnaBubba, Jan 17 2013

       //people risk their lives//   

       We make our inmates do it!
Brian the Painter, Jan 17 2013

       oh yeah [+]
Brian the Painter, Jan 17 2013

       sp: their   

       You have prisoners supervised while picking up roadside garbage? Isn't that simply an enticement to attempt to escape?
UnaBubba, Jan 17 2013

       Prisoners start their visit in "A" ward and through out their years move to "F". "C" is the kitchen, "D" is janitorial and "F" is for those about to be released, and of good behavior. One guard goes out with 20 inmates; mostly to keep them from smoking butts.
Brian the Painter, Jan 17 2013

       That's the thing that's always bothered me about the possibility of going to prison... someone wanting to smoke butts. I can understand why the prison authorities want to crack down on it.
UnaBubba, Jan 18 2013

       would you believe, I was sent there for fighting
Brian the Painter, Jan 18 2013

       Did you get your butt smoked while you were in?
UnaBubba, Jan 18 2013

       Whether I did or didn't my answer would be the same, "No, gosh wadaya think urgh..." (napolean dynamite)
Brian the Painter, Jan 18 2013

       I never mentioned convicts.
UnaBubba, Jan 20 2013

       I did so without any conviction.
UnaBubba, Jan 20 2013

       I believe Rentisham's Flenting Wax is in demand at the Large Rodent Collider, as superconducting cheese has become quite scarce, as helium supplies have dwindled.
UnaBubba, Jan 22 2013


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