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Robot Queen

Builds and runs the robots needed to clean your house
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This is an add-on for you computer which includes 3-D assembly module, parts and a 300' range bluetooth radio. The basic idea is a one bot fits all cleaning system or more depending on what else you can think of.

When you first plug in the box and install the software the box assembles a basic survey bot. It rolls around and measures the walls and figures out room dimentions, stair locations, surface details (rugs, linoleumn etc.). Then it goes back and gets disassembled and it's parts may be used to make the next bot.

The parts are basic modular assemblies made to go together in as many different ways as possible. Communications (IR, bluetooth), sensors (IR, sonic, video, etc.), motive (wheels, legs, tank treads, etc.), manipulators (pincers, shovel, brush, mop, vacuum, air jet, sprayer, wiper, etc.), power (batteries, compressed air), storage (waste recepticle, cleaning sol tank), etc. Each has an RFID tag for easy sorting.

So if the first bot finds you have a wood floor in your office, it builds a sweeping/vacuuming bot to clean it. It goes out and runs a pattern controlled by the software. If the bot fills or has problems, it goes back, gets emptied, cleaned upn recharged and sent out again. If the bot can't make it back, another bot is assembled to retreive it. If the bot runs into something it can't handle, like a discarded sock, it leaves it till another bot can be made to put the sock away.

Contests are held for new bot and module designs. New parts bought and bot designs can be downloaded off the internet.

The idea is basically for the little robots from "5th Element" that clean the dropped glass. Keep the brains in the computer, keep the repair and assembly in the Queen and have people dying to get the newest designs and modules.

Soon people will assemble them for other tasks, like security, toys or pets. Since it's modular it will never break, as that piece can just be swapped out by the queen bot.

MisterQED, Apr 24 2008

Open Source self-reproducing robot open-source_20self-reproducing_20robot
[MisterQED, Apr 24 2008]


       and if I see any outside I'll assume they're skeets.
FlyingToaster, Apr 24 2008

       Oh, I'm so wrong for this, but.....   

       New York Times (April 2, 2021).   

       This day brings us the first case of Roboticide. Henry Lexmark, in a jealous rage, allegedly microwave-gunned his cleaning-bot to death last evening.
Mr. Lexmark then proceded to chocolate poisen himself to death.
A note was found implying, allegedly, that the building cleaning man for 4442 Tower C accidentally became emotionally involved with his own cleaning robot which Mr. Lexmark had modified.

       The note read:   

       She's got electric boobs
A vacuum tube
You know I meet her in a magazi-i-i-ine
Bennie, you're the best!
And that ends the note.

       Building 4442 has no comment at this time.
Zimmy, Apr 24 2008

       How about a robot that made the bed? Add four RFID tags to the corners of the sheets and the blanket. The system will then pull them each back to where they belong, making the bed. This is performed by two bot connected by a kevlar string. One climbs up on the bed and finds the first tag. The other braces itself under the bed and plays out line. Once the upper has grabbed on the tag, the lower reels it in. This system may also need location bots at the corners of the bed for reference locations.
MisterQED, Apr 24 2008

       I rather like the open-source evolution basis for this. Bun.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2008

       Oh, trim off your obese bot, Cleanie, man. Equip her with multipurpose limbs that works fast and efficiently too.   

       Cleanie likes her pincers be tucked inconspicuously, so she may look naive: she emailed me. Who knows, she'd be your tight bodyguard, and would never get nasty even if she closely guards you in your bathroom - alone - together...   

       I recommend for her 2 flexible segmented tube vacuum/blower arms that could be twist-locked rigidly. At her extremities housed a delicately retractable rotating brush with interchangeable extending bristles. Two water veins runs at the inside of each tubular limbs with one having articulated, multiple spray nozzles while the other has articulated suction cup and contoured wiper. The outflow water vein also double as an hydraulic manipulator controlled by the variable pressure water pumps in her breasts.   

       Give her a slimmer lower limb too so not to affect her catwalk gait, yet sturdy enough to scrub any kind of rubbish you could litter on your floor. She can interchange an adaptable appendage to her feet, depending on her lovely glance, I mean, a proficient scan of the mess you brought to your life, I mean, to your living room.   

       And, before I forgot, she prefers a prime mover, not a battery pack on her butt nor a compressed air tank in her lungs - preferably a vertical rotary engine to maintain her bumper-out-&-reservoir-in posture. For her drinks, she prefer bio-diesel or SVO too, and no alcoholic brev - she sternly warns (she don't want to be sexually manipulated, I think).
rotary, Apr 24 2008

       Borg Queen, Yay !! [+]
8th of 7, Apr 24 2008

       [RayfordSteele] Yes, this was the answer to the unanswerable question from [bneal27] on the self reproducing robot, as to who needs robots. We do need robots but few people want to play with robots we want them to just work. About the only work they are smart enough to do is clean and it went from there. In a way this would be open source too, but unlike the other this has a capitalist slant that makes it much more likely to be built.
MisterQED, Apr 24 2008


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