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roving robot recyclers

helpful newspaper collectors
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Recycling collection in our town is sporadic. I'm not sure why, the recycling pickup runs not to schedule and sometimes not at all.

The newspaper machines along the street are of course the correct proportion to hold newspapers neatly and efficiently. Perhaps containers like this could be outfitted with wheels, maybe a large capacity li-ion battery or an ultra-capacitor if/when they become available if it's appropriate technology for this idea.

The tops would have a flip up solar panel and an outlet for them to charge from the grid when the sun is not available. They could roam the streets at night finding a new block to take up position on according to a preset map so all blocks would be covered once a week.

When full they would travel to the municipal recycling center to be emptied and hooked up if they need to be charged and sent out again the next day or immediately as warranted.

I think this might work for smaller towns where the recycling facilities are fairly close.

It would rely of course on the honesty of people to only put newspaper in there.

I wouldn't be above painting a smiley face on one though. :)

nth, Apr 03 2007


       All fun and games until one runs over your cat.
DrCurry, Apr 03 2007

       Or your daughter brings one home for dinner.
bungston, Apr 03 2007

       they could alert atorities to litterbugs also
skybw, Aug 14 2007


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