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Robotic Sea Pest Control

Killer bots of the natural world
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Create a solar powered robot that charges up during certain time of the day, and then sink to the sea beds to hunt starfish.

To hunt, it uses a camera that detects starfishes/pests, which is likely to be slow enough to not escape the robot.

The robot will have a arm that has a hydrolic powered arm and embedded spikes, that picks the pest up and impales it without hurting the coral seabeds below.

This would help automate pest control, especially in the great barrier reef where many reefs are damaged by these pest.

mofosyne, Oct 11 2008

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       Please leave the starfish alone. They are only a pest because we created the conditions for them to emerge en masse as a pest.   

       They signal to us: "you screwed up, now we're here".   

       So if we simply go out to destroy them, we act stupid, like we do so often.   

       This logic of destroying or ignoring nature's signs, must really be turned around [-].
django, Oct 11 2008

       It's above the threshold for me... I have no problem with a bugzapper.
FlyingToaster, Oct 11 2008

       Same here. I don't go for this idea that it's worse to try to patch a problem than it is to do nothing at all. That's silly.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2008

       I'll retrofit my party of shanghaied starfish robots, and send them to seek out gold doubloons lying on the sea floor! Arrrr!
bungston, Oct 12 2008


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