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Rocky Racoon

Fight Pests with "The Eye of the Tiger"
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Dress the next generation Sony Aibo in racoon fur and program it to hiss and snarl at any predator within 10 feet of your garbage cans. Any creature that tries to attack it will receive a mild electric shock, growing in intensity until the creature is repelled. Boxing gloves optional.
dbsousa, Apr 19 2003

Sony's Aibo http://www.aibo.com/
Whatever it is. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

'shock coat' concept http://www.worthers...d=wearable_warnings
A derivitave work of [dbsousa]'s idea [ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 16 2005]

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       We don't have racoons in México, what a shame.
Pericles, Apr 19 2003

       You're suggesting sending some kind of MP3 player wearing a coat to electrocute racoons? I don't feel so bad about "Stock Market for Amnesiac Precognates" anymore.
snarfyguy, Apr 19 2003

       I know MP3 players. MP3 players have been friends of mine. But I can tell you one thing, Snarfy, Aibo's no MP3 player!"
bristolz, Apr 19 2003

       Okay, CD player, home electronic thingy, whatever it is...
snarfyguy, Apr 19 2003

       Ha! It's the little dog robot Woody Allen baked in Sleeper! "My name is Rags..."   

       I think you did the link wrong, [bristolz].   

       I still like the idea of an MP3 player in a coat giving racoons electric shocks.
snarfyguy, Apr 19 2003

       Oh, I get it. The MP3 player plays eye of the tiger while the robot gives the racoon a black eye, right?
jaksplat, Feb 16 2005


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