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Pest Control

weight/pressure activated water jets deter pests
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Since a fence is no bar to yard invaders, a method to enlist said fence to discourage and/or startle them into (one would hope) choosing another yard. Raccoons and feral (and neighbors') cats, merrily climb my fence and defecate in my yard. The cats also dig and defile in the garden, and the raccoons eat the choicest produce. Oh yes, I forgot the squirrels, which love figs and grapes. How about a pressure and/or weight-operated device to put along the top of an existing fence to activate pressurized water jets. You could set the weight so that desired birds would not be affected, but anything weighing as much as a pigeon (like a pigeon!) Watch out! To ratchet it up a notch, ammonia could be added to zap the more stubborn pests. A great surprise for human would-be invaders, too!
Butterbean, Dec 09 2002


       Sounds like it would make a good fort in a water pistol fight.
dalek, Dec 09 2002

       Hadn't thought of that....guess you would leave out the ammonia, eh?
Butterbean, Dec 09 2002

       Not necessarily.
dalek, Dec 09 2002

       Guess I'll skip the next invitation to have a water fight in YOUR yard.
Butterbean, Dec 09 2002

       Why not instead of fending off the pests bait them into your yard and then quickly move house before they realise what is happening. Sounds slightly niftier to me. Just a thought.
marcooz, Aug 02 2004


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