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Roll your own bubble wrap

Snap, wrapple and pop!*
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Yeah, sorry, it's another one...but I hope you might like it.

Bubble wrap in its unused state is (obviously) bulky and expensive to transport.

So, use two flat sheets of plastic, welded together with small honeycomb shapes. These sheets can be carefully rolled up into a much smaller volume. Inside each honeycomb shape is a small amount of Silver Fulminide. Rolling the plastic between rollers, or simply jumping up and down on it, triggers the "Snap" and inflation of the bubbles.

Then comes the, Ahem, "Wrapple", and finally the "Pop" when the kids get hold of it afterwards.

*Apologies to Kelloggs

Ling, Jun 20 2011


       This is a stuningly good idea. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 20 2011

       Those of us fortunate enough to have owned a cap gun know that the gun is pointless decoration. The real fun is to borrow Dad's hammer and take the roll of caps out on the sidewalk.
mouseposture, Jun 20 2011

       Or string the entire roll between a two stacks of soda cans, douse the entire thing in lighter fluid, and set it on fire.   

       Or was I the only one who did that?
ytk, Jun 20 2011

       How about using a sledge hammer to bust a whole roll of 50 paper caps in one blow?   

       ...Anyhoo, bun for gratuitous use of explosives. Just in case there was an issue with the whole shock-sensetive explosives use thing, maybe an alternative would be to seed the cells with a UV-sensetive gas producing compound (none springs to mind immediately, but there will be some suitable). Roll out the desired ammount, put it in the sun for a few minutes, and presto! bubble wrap.
Custardguts, Jun 21 2011


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