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Rotary Valve System 2

With higher performance.
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These valves would be the same crescent shape as the original valve, but would weigh less. They would also have a different driving mechanism than originally.

The mechanism would cause the valve shaft to rotate 135 degrees at a time, which would mean that the gases can enter and exit the combustion chamber much more easily, and the valves would also not rotate during the combustion stroke, which will reduce stress and wear.

The new valve also features hollow cavities which make it lighter, and improves heat dissipation.

BJS, Feb 23 2007

New Rotary Valve http://www.putfile....pic.php?img=4839343
notice the the croissant shaped structure highlighted in croissant color. [BJS, Feb 23 2007, last modified Mar 08 2007]

3 Arms Genova http://www.mekanizm....com/genova301.html
This could be the mechanism which would turn the valve. [BJS, Feb 23 2007, last modified Mar 08 2007]

Rotary Valve System 1 Rotary_20Valve_20System_201
The original idea. [BJS, Mar 08 2007]




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