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Rotating Tube Lights

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Tube lights should come with a small low-powered motor option to make them slowly rotate.

Why? (you ask yourself) Well, this prevents the upper portion of the tube from accumulating undue amounts of dust, cobwebs and dead flies.

(delux version has small motorised traversing squeegee and hanging detritus/debris tray)

(I tried to stay away, but failed)

xenzag, Aug 13 2010


       + I would like all things in my dusty house to rotate like this!
xandram, Aug 13 2010

       <penny drops> ahh, so it's not a scheme for lowering maintenance costs on the London Underground!
zen_tom, Aug 13 2010

       I'd be tempted to mask off areas or frost them to play around with shadow effects.   

       (glad you failed)   

       //I'd be tempted to mask off areas // that reminds me of a recent trip to the Tate Modern - (every-now and then I seem to feel the need to reaffirm my cynicism) - one of the exhibits was a powered neon sign (I forget the wording) that had been entirely painted over in black so that the light couldn't get through.
zen_tom, Aug 13 2010


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