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Rotating office

Office that rotates kind of
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Humans sit at computers to do "work". Sitting is sedentary and causes adverse health benefits. Humans invent solutions including standing desks, treadmill desks etc.

Move this to a new level. Workstation (computer, or ironing board, or kitchen sink, or lathe, or whatever) is mounted on wheeled carriage. Rails run in a circle around room. Carriage rolls away from Human along rails. human is therefore forced to walk to keep up with workstation. Mechanism monitors human breathing and heart rate and increases speed slightly until Human is sufficiently fit and healthy.

Cables and other things are routed through a central pole.

pocmloc, Nov 12 2022

Treadmill desk https://www.inmovem...huktQ8aAnM0EALw_wcB
[21 Quest, Nov 13 2022]

Topical https://gizmodo.com...research-1849774188
There's no escape! [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 14 2022]


       After a workday spent on a unidirectional carousel--[+] for the futility of the 'rat race' made real--one would have 'sea legs'. The unpleasant experience of clocking out and landing on non-moving ground might lead to not leaving work, and thus 'overtime', which bosses love to accept but hate to pay. Very interesting social consequences.
Sgt Teacup, Nov 13 2022

       Surely it would be easier and more efficient to put it on a treadmill.
21 Quest, Nov 13 2022

       If they were lactating you could conceivably milk them as well like the huge rotary cow milking stations.
RayfordSteele, Nov 13 2022

       Don't trip...   

       Huge rotary cows will now haunt my dreams.   

       And that's without tripping.
pertinax, Nov 13 2022

       I imagined the rails running along corridors in both directions past windows and gallery landings so that you could chat to your cow orkers as you pass them. Could even go up and down stairs, you could sit on a wee fold out seat for the descent which would help power the mechanism   

       Yes don't trip and fall or you will get run down by the next workstation coming up behind you.
pocmloc, Nov 13 2022


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