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Round Tickets

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Imagine my surprise, when after purchasing a ticket on a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane return - detailed on the poster in the shop as being a 'round ticket' - they were in fact rectangular in shape!

I brought this up with the manager and suggested they provide their customers with tickets that are actually round so as to not cause confusion.

He said he would talk to another person about it - so I will inform you further whether or not my concept is taken up by the major airlines next time I purchase a round ticket.

benfrost, Apr 28 2001


       At first I thought, Oh no, benfrost, they wouldn't make a nice tidy roll or accordian-pleated stack like rectangular ones. But of course they're perfect--you just slip them in a cylindrical holder like a roll of coins. I'm for it.
Dog Ed, Apr 28 2001

       A <insert your local variety of mindless thug here> asked for a round-trip ticket. When asked 'Where to?' he said, 'Back here, you fool.'
angel, Apr 28 2001

       Don't quit your day job
thumbwax, Apr 28 2001


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