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Round Trip Train Ride Hotel

Diddle-de-dum diddle-de-dum ...
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Sleeping on a train is great - the rhythmic noise of the train lulls you to sleep and there is something romantic and beautiful about travelling through the night in a sleeper compartment on a train (I shall leave it to others to comment on the merits of sex on a train)...

City centres tend to be short of hotel space, or to have very expensive hotels, but plenty of train stations (London, for example has at least nine large mainline train stations)...

Train lines tend to be under-utilised at night...

So, this idea is for a train-station based hotel, which incorporates nightly round trips. You check in between 8 pm and 10 pm and go to bed in your train compartment. The train leaves at 10 pm and travels through the night until 2 am when it reaches a convenient siding. It then goes back to where you started, arriving at 6 am. You get your hotel 'room' for the night in the city centre, and a lovely train ride.
hippo, Mar 04 2004

cheesy picture http://www.travelin...per/compartment.jpg
[hippo, Oct 04 2004]

http://www.seat61.com/ [pocmloc, Jun 19 2011]

cheesy picture link is dead... http://cdn.c.photos...ian-compartment.jpg
did you mean this one? [pashute, Jul 13 2015]


       Rock-a-bye hippo, in the sleeper compartment top.
When the train rolls, you'll sleep 'til the next whistle stop.
FarmerJohn, Mar 04 2004

       nice idea could work for nights out on the town better than a Taxi or the night bus not as they really exist and Hippo if this train is in the UK what about our brilliant and punctual rail service? couldn't get to work because of leaves in the siding, or a lost driver
engineer1, Mar 04 2004

       Too bad we don't have enough trains in the Western US to make this work here.
oxen crossing, Mar 05 2004

       One can visit many different places on very cheap, if they are one train's night journey apart.   

       Spend the nights in the train, sleeping, while travelling. Visit the place during day. .. and so forth...
VJW, Jun 19 2011

       Could one buy a ticket, go to sleep in London, wake up next morning, wash, dress, step out onto the platform, and find oneself in a randomly selected other city? That'd be fun.
mouseposture, Jun 19 2011

       Yeah, I love it too.. Imagine 10 days journey, with absolutely no hotel stay, which are large chunk of expense in any journey.
VJW, Jun 19 2011

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2011


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